Biopharmax core competency is to design, build and validate cutting edge, cost effective Biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Our experience and solution range includes manufacturing facilities for biotechnology, API and final formulation.

For the last four decades we created and improved manufacturing technologies and tailor-made solutions to cover manufacturing facilities entire requirements and to comply with the industry standards evolution.

We cater to our clients with all scales of manufacturing, including commercial scale, pilot and R&D, designed and built on Greenfield sites or within an existing envelope. We also upgrade our client’s facilities to increase capacities, improve cGMP level, and automate production or other plant modifications as required.

In house expertises include:

Filling and Aseptic manufacturing

Vessels for media production

Buffer production systems

Fermentation systems


Batch and continues production and harvesting

Disposable manufacturing systems

Biopharmaceutical autoclaves

Freeze dryers

Depyrogenation ovens

Chromatographic columns

Ultra filtration (UF) systems

Clean in place (CIP) systems

Sterilization in place (SIP) systems

Purified Water (PW) / Water for Injection (WFI) systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, EDI

Automation, control and plant integration solutions; temperature, pH level, pressure, DO etc.

Unique solutions for all plant utilities and clean utilities


Clean Rooms – ISO 5-8