Biotechnology is a highly specialized segment within the Biopharmaceutical space.
In recent years Biotechnology is evolving to lead the industry standard in medicines manufacturing as Biosimilars becomes more accessible for patients globally.

The challenge of modifying the manufacturing processes, optimizing and scaling them up, and finally implementing into commercial scale manufacturing – requires years of experience and in depth specialized know how.

Biopharmax accumulated unmatched experience and high level of expertise for the past twenty years, and pioneered in Biotechnology cost effective manufacturing facilities design and implementation.

We are utilizing cutting edge technologies developed alongside the global industry leaders manufacturing of Biotechnological products. Biopharmax experience includes Biotechnology facilities manufacturing small and large molecules (generic and ethic) with all common manufacturing technologies – fermentation, mammalian, bacterial, blood fractionation, plant cells and others.

By utilizing Biopharmax generic experience we are designing, even in the most complex Biotechnology projects, compact design with linear process flow to enable operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Products type experience includes mammalian and bacterial proteins, monoclonal antibodies, blood derivatives, transgenic and other administered as parenteral, enteral or topical.