Biopharmax is dedicated to the design and execution of Biotechnological, API and Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Biopharmaceutical unique manufacturing processes require specialized tailor made solutions with dedicated know how and industry experience.

Our experience in design and implementation of Biopharmaceutical high-tech facilities coupled with a unique project design-build approach, ensures our compliance to these requirements.

In order to support manufacturing process integrity, repeatability and compliance with global and local cGMP requirements, Biopharmax developed state of the art design methods and tools for lean and efficient manufacturing facilities.

Biopharmax is committed maintaining the strictest standards and to comply with latest cGMP requirement per global and local authorities (FDA, EMEA, SFDA, Indian cGMP, local MoH etc.).

Biopharmax experience includes hundreds of successful projects designed and built all over the world:

Biotechnology, Biosimilars

Blood fractionation

Final formulation, aseptic manufacturing

Chemical synthesis – API