Biopharmax has been catering for Teva, the largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world, for over 40 years. The group steadily grew from a local designer to a world leader in design and construction with activities in five continents.

In 1996 a unique design and building turnkey approach was instituted to enable quality and timely delivery of custom manufacturing solutions.

Since 1998 Biopharmax deepened its capabilities in biotechnology manufacturing technologies. In order to enhance this expertise. the group initiated a dedicated biotechnology department which now forms the core of Biopharmax specialties.

The challenging economic conditions in 2002 drove Biopharmax to expand internationally including increasing its client diversification ranging from small startup companies to the global large Pharma leaders.

Biopharmax created its own international network of suppliers to support the global growth and project diversification.

Following its success in the European market, in 2005 Biopharmax entered the American biopharmaceutical market. In 2006 Biopharmax began to execute projects in India and East Europe. In 2007 the Company established its activities in China to capture the opportunities in the Chinese biopharmaceutical market.